Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” And “Wash All Over Me” Have Leaked In Full

The leaks are coming down like rain.

Last night, a DJ Queen Of Pop Madonna saved our life and/or Thanksgiving with a brief snippet of her Avicii anthem, “Rebel Heart.”

As a wise woman once said, too much is never enough, which is perhaps why the song just arrived in full tonight…along with a second one (also crafted alongside Avicii), called “Wash All Over Me.”

Let’s tackle the new one first.

Back in October, DrownedMadonna posted details about the track, describing it as something similar to a Stuart Price track from Confessions On A Dance Floor and calling it “fabulous and very emotional.” And you know what? It is sort of all of those things!

Kicking off with an orchestral opening, the song quickly dips into dark disco throbs — very Confessions-esque. (Or perhaps even similar to KelisFlesh Tone?) And, like “Rebel Heart,” the lyrics are much more intriguing than, say, taking shots of Tanqueray like a girl gone wild. “In a world that’s changing, I’m a stranger in a strange land/There’s a contradiction and I’m stuck here in between/Life is like a desert, an oasis, too confusing/So I walk this razor’s edge/Will I stand or will I fall?” she uneasily quivers. Throw in some House piano, surging beat breakdowns, references to the Tower of Babylon (what even?), and you’ve got a truly curious concoction of sound. Promising, indeed!

Now, the full version of “Rebel Heart” is a revelation: Not only does the first verse excuse the ridiculous second (see…it rhymes! A masochist to her nayuhrcissit!), but the chorus is absolutely major: “So I took the road less traveled by and I barely made it out alive/Through the darkness somehow I survived/Tough love, I knew it from the start, deep down in my rebel heart.” Madonna hasn’t had a truly rich, singer-songwriter, sing-along friendly record in a while — maybe since Music? — so it’s kind of unbelievable to hear such a strong melody from the Queen again. My rebel heart! Really, really L-U-V.

Update: After having listened to “Rebel Heart” on loop for the entirety of the morning, I can honestly say this is one of her best songs in a long time. The message is sincere, vulnerable and undoubtedly true to Madonna’s story, the music is strong and that chorus is utterly anthemic: “So I took the road less traveled by….and I barely made it out alive.” It’s almost like a nod to “Like A Virgin” Madonna’s sparkly opening. (“I made it through the wilderness!”)

The music is obviously the stuff of Avicii, but “Rebel Heart” doesn’t feel like an obvious bid for current-sounding radio relevancy at all. Just listen to “Girl Gone Wild” in comparison: No Tanqueray talk here! This is, dare I say…MATURE. Sure, the production on the vocals could use some tightening, but otherwise, this is exactly the Madonna I want today.

Although the vocals on both songs sound a bit flimsy and unpolished, the leaks are a clear indication that something much more unexpected (and unhinged) is heading our way…and fast. Thank God. This is no MDNA retread! It’s just a shame that the material isn’t being presented in the way Madonna would want, but hey…shit happens.

Behold: She is coming soon.

A Snippet Of Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” Has Leaked

A Snippet Of Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” Has Leaked


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