Lana Del Rey And Courtney Love Became Everybody’s Best Friend At The British Fashion Awards

Lorde and Taylor Swift. Rihanna and Katy Perry. Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love: BFFs!

Yes, the world of popular music is a strange and wonderful thing indeed, where likely (and also very unlikely) friendships pop up out of nowhere, providing endless entertainment (and fan-fiction opportunities) for us plebeians standing and gawking from a considerable distance.

Last week, Live Through This legend Courtney Love began hinting at a potential meet-up with Lana Del Rey on Twitter, to which Lana responded with a tag back in an Instagram selfie. (The Year Of 2014, y’all!) Today, the details of their #secretcollaboration have come to light: The Ultraviolence Queen and the Hole rock goddess are teaming up on tour for a few dates next year on Lana’s newly announced Endless Summer Tour…which is already one of the most exciting live events of 2015.

But they didn’t stop with an announcement. Nay! Lana and Courtney — Lourtney, as we should call them — chummed it up like the bestest of friends tonight at the 2014 British Fashion Awards. In fact, they had such a gay ol’ time, they brought just about everybody else by their heavenly sides to join in on the fun.

Truly, it was quite something to see. But which luminaries of the music, fashion and art world did they rub elbows with?

British Fashion Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

Italian fashion entrepreneur Renzo Rosso


And, oh! It’s Harry Styles, of X Factor UK and good hair-having fame. He’s also in a relatively under-the-radar speed metal band called One Direction.


…And once more with feeling. Just look how much Courtney appreciates the hair! (Also, this is all possibly from a weird sex dream I once had.)

…The legendary Naomi Campbell


Cara Delevingne


Victoria. Fucking. Beckham.

Together, they are now known as Spice Hole Del Rey, or The Girl Group We Never Knew We Desperately Needed.


While Courtney was taking a bathroom break, Lana was naturally courted by many fans. Being the overflowing fount of kindness and generosity that she is, she embraced the lessers. Here’s one!


And another! So very many fans waiting to meet Queen Lana! She couldn’t attend to all of them, however. She had her BFF to catch up with again…


See you on the road together soon, ladiez. LOURTNEY FOREVER.

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Premiere: Ella Henderson, “Yours (Wideboys Remix)”

Time and time again — from Leona Lewis to Rebecca Ferguson to One Direction — X

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