Help: Gwen Stefani is drowning in cute little doodles.

Tonight, the music video for the ever-ageless No Doubt frontwoman’s super bubbly, Pharrell-helmed OMG-happy new single “Spark The Fire” has arrived and, well…it’s, y’know, cute? It’s cute.

There’s a lot of dancing in the clurb, and tons of text message bubbles and emoticons and whatnot to suit the “OMG”-ness of the song. But, well, hmm…

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.01.29 PM

To tell you the truth, the part that actually caught my attention (#FiatPromo aside) was this stunning shot briefly stuck in between all the cartoon silliness. She looks absolutely gorgeous, right? Doesn’t this look like it’s from a completely different music video?

That fleeting moment just reminded me of her more mature offerings: “4 In The Morning,” “Early Winter” and “Cool” Gwen. A more sincere Gwen. Forgive me for being so serious, but…serious Stefani seriously happens to kick ass. (And so does “Serious,” while we’re on the subject.)

That Maroon 5 duet released back in August, “My Heart Is Open,” feels like more of a step in the right direction than this one, which just feels a little too, uh, “cool.” But then, a girl is allowed to have some fun. But can it be less aggressively Pharrell-ized, this-is-hot-with-the-teens-right-now emoji fun?


“Spark The Fire” was released on December 1. (iTunes)