Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Gets A Festive Acoustic Makeover

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Queen Of Christmas, Mariah Carey. In fact, The holiday actually didn’t exist prior to the birth of Mimi [citation needed].

Last night, I caught Mariah’s Night of Joy and Festivity, her stretch of Christmas-themed shows at the Beacon Theater in NYC. And let me tell you: It was undoubtedly the most festive thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life — from the cute singing and dancing children to gay reindeers to a twerking Santa Claus to Hanukkah blessings. Glam squad touch-ups mid show. Microphone stand drama. Snow and confetti. And the voice of a heaven-sent angel sent to #bless us all with the sound of peace and hope, dahhhhling. Also, she did “Hero” and “Emotions.” I’m on overload, still.

Of course, nothing says joy and festivity like the Elusive Chanteuse’s 1994 classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which she absolutely nailed last night — and fuck the haters who have something to say otherwise.

Nick*, who you might already know from his killer remixes and reinterpretations for the likes of Britney, Sia and many more, has whipped up a truly special version of the Christmas classic. Rather than adding throbbing beats, he’s gone and isolated #DemVocals, layering her sweet, sweet fantasy of a voice across a simple acoustic guitar melody — even throwing in some previously unheard runs (“shoo-ba-da-doo!“) at the very end of the song.

The end result sounds like if Mariah showed up at your door in her glittery red gown and Louboutins, took a seat next to your roaring fireplace (if you don’t have one, she would have her elves install one), had a few splashes and then belted out the tune to you and your loved ones in a festive gypsy moment of whatever.

In other words, we are untirely unworthy of this remix experience. Enjoy!


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