You know what? While Queen Of Pop Madonna and Queen Of Phucks Rihanna are busy #unapologetically dicking around in the studio, having their shit leaked early and generally testing our last GOT damn nerves while working on their not-so-surprise albums, there’s another Queen Of Pop heading our way to save us from drowning in what is a seemingly never-ending torrent of basic bitches on the radio.

That’s right: Carly Rae Jepsen, born Godly Raimmaculate Jepselegend, is making a grand comeback in 2015.

Not a single day goes by ’round these parts where we don’t lament the Great Injepsejustice Of 2012: the overlooking of Jepsen’s genuinely all-around amazing pure pop record, Kiss. (No, but seriously: If you haven’t actually listened to Kiss, you don’t get to weigh in on her based on the one song you know. For real.)

But all that ends today.

In a recent post on Interscope’s promotional website (PlayIGA), the label confirmed that the sugary-sweet songstress will be returning in “early 2015” with a brand new single called “I Really Like You.”

Or, as it will be more commonly known, “I Really Slay You.”

The Interscope post has seemingly gone missing after a day, but don’t worry — it’s real. Need further assurance? Today, CRJ confirmed the cheeky title with a tweet last night to pique our curiosity (REFERENCE):

Are you prepared? Highly unlikely.

2015: #Justice4Jepsen