Oh, my lil Marina And The Diamonds.

My favorite, most Froot-iest, most personal stalker to date is back with her fourth Froot Of The Month, arriving slightly ahead of schedule (February 2) for some early frooty goodness for the Diamonds.

So far, she’s squeezed out the joo-oo-ooce with “Froot,” had us crying happy tears with “Happy” and left us contemplating the length of our stay in this world with the existential “Immortal.” What could she possibly be serving up on this go-around?

A whole lot of guilt, that’s what.

Like Britney, Marina also enjoys being a lil’ sailfish with her all too easy-to-love lover. But alas, she’s been doing things she shouldn’t do (hmm…), bringing us back to the days of our favorite homewrecking heartbreaker, Miss Electra Heart.

I’ve had my share of beautiful men, but I’m still young and I want to love again/It’s difficult to say goodbye and easier to live a lover’s lie.

Unlike the last few froots, Marina’s also kicking up the pace, supplying heaven-sent pop melodies (“I’ll ruin…yeah I’ll ruin you!”) and catchy chants (“Yeah, uh huh, ooh!“) above atmospheric guitars, shimmering flares of ’80’s synths and a tripping drum beat. There’s something especially majestic once she launches into that dreamy, melancholy chorus — a real stars-align moment of top-notch lyricism, songcraft and production all at once.

This froot might be my personal favorite of the bunch…of the ones we’ve already been given, anyway. Best moment? “Babe, I’m gonna ruin you if you let me stay!” He about to lose Marina!

Hey, don’t say she didn’t warn you.

“I’m A Ruin” will be released on February 2. (iTunes)