Legendtina Makes A Surprise Singing Cameo Of Her Own, Outshines Fans With “We Are The Champions” On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (Los Angeles, CA) — GRAMMY Award-winning chanteuse, Super Bowl XLIX National Anthem singing-reinventing sensation and God’s most cherished gift to the world following Jesus as voted by the general public [citation needed] Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera made a surprise singing cameo during Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Last evening, the Mi Reflejo goddess made a special appearance in a Brady Bunch-style singalong to Queen classic, “We Are The Champions.” The “Soar” chanteuse powerfully belted out the song amid various lesser known indie acts including Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, Carrie Underwood and Sam Smith in what critics from The Washington Post are now hailing as “Who was the loud one yelling in the middle?”

Following the performance, Legendtina issued a statement about the experience to the LNN via text message:

I was truly honored when Johnny asked me to perform one of my favorite songs, ‘I Am The Champion,’ in this wonderful celebration of natural vocal talent alongside fellow Voice judge Blaine Shellston and a troupe of fans. Were they all contest winners or something? I didn’t recognize any of the faces around me. Most of them were obviously performing for the camera for the first time in their lives, but that one…Ariel Grande Latte, was it? I think she has some potential…as a background singer. Call me for the next tour, Ariel!

We also spoke to a representative from The Tonight Show, who issued a statement of their own:

We were truly honored when Her Legend arrived on the set to be part of the “We Are The Champions” singalong, considering no one from our casting office even reached out to her in the first place. She just showed up unannounced ten minutes before the taping, grabbed my hand tightly and scowled ‘You’re welcome.’ That being said, she really blew our mind with her vocals. She was the last one singing. We actually had to edit down that note, too — there was at least twenty minutes of solo riffing, as well as a brief unprompted listening session to her latest album, Lotus. Also, there was a fairly serious incident involving a projectile wad of chewed gum and Meghan Trainor’s eye, but I can’t comment any further on the situation at this time.

And did the Back To Basics icon tune in for Katy Perry‘s halftime show performance at the Super Bowl last night? She was kind enough to answer us:

Oh, the newcomer? You know what? I did! Baby Max and Summer Rain really loved the performance. There aren’t many performers out there who have committed their careers to creating music exclusively for 6-year-olds, but she’s done it. By the way, is Barney performing at next year’s show?

And was her special surprise singing cameo timed on purpose to coincide with her former Mickey Mouse Club co-worker Britney Spears‘ own two-note singing cameo?

Two notes, you SAY? That’s one more than I knew she had in her. HA!

Our fingers remain tightly crossed for the Legend X Super Bowl Experience in 2016.

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