Meet Ann Marie. She’s not trying to fall in love, and she makes it nasty when she fucks.

Such is the life of a Southside Chicago-bred, 23-year-old certifiable One To Watch™ – not to be confused with England’s Anne-Marie, of “Rockabye” and “2002” fame.

On Tuesday (July 30), Ann Marie dropped the Damien Sandoval-directed, Miami-set visual for her song “My Body,” a sultry bedroom banger that glides through the speakers so smoothly, you almost might not even notice that she’s cooing lines like “you get it wet as fuck, I know it’s wet enough” at first.

Oh, but she is.

Supplying some Big Aaliyah “Rock the Boat” Energy (she counts Aaliyah as her favorite singer), Ann Marie and her girls gyrate on a yacht in sexy neon lewks as she delivers her Troy Taylor-produced ode to unrelenting horniness. It’s too short of course, but this is 2019, and our attention spans are shrinking faster than the polar ice sheets. Ah, our impending extinction is a bit of a boner killer, isn’t it? Sorry.

The song is featured on Ann Marie’s Pretty Psycho, which dropped earlier in July, and is also her first release since inking a deal with Interscope Records. (She’s already been releasing music for over three years.)

The whole set is A Vibe™, supplying similarly seductive and nostalgic R&B melodies – fans of acts like Tinashe and Cassie will feel right at home – and straight-to-the-point, expletive-riddled, foul-mouthed lyricism about throwing it back on that dick that I really appreciate. Rolling Stone said she “sings like a rapper and raps like a singer” – that’s it, exactly.

She also reminds me of the similarly blunt, gone-too-soon R&B girl group, Electrik Red. Anyone else remember How to Be a Lady: Volume 1? “So Good”? (Still so good.)

So go ahead and fuck around with Ann Marie. She’s more than ready to fuck with you.

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Photo credit: Raphael Simien