Oh, the weather outside is WE’RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE frightful, but this blazin’ hot remix of Sophia Grace‘s urban-pop banger, “Best Friends”? So, so delightful.

Australia-born producer Wax Motif wisely decided to give Sophie’s female self-empowerment jam an extra bit of unff for the dance floor, resulting in “Number 1 Girrrl” — a club shaker like no other.

The remix largely centers around Sophia’s faithful BFFS4LYFE pledge (“My number one girl!“) and, quite frankly, sounds just as fire hot as any other pop diva twice or three times her age. Really! I’ll turn up to this any night of the week — especially nights when we’re forced to stay in due to life-threatening amounts of snow or whatever.

Shut the club down and snatch the crown, Sophia.

Thanks to Hannah Rad, one of my own #1 girls, for the find!

“Best Friends” was released on November 30. (iTunes)