Love Me, Mix Me

It’s the freakin’ weekend, Muusers…So why not offer up some of the finer remixes strewn throughout my mailbox? Away we goooo!

First, the Magnetic Route Mix of Saint Etienne’s “Method Of Modern Love.” The revamp issues a fairly minimal retouching, including some darker flares of bass and a series of saltshaker synths in place of the brighter notes. Still, it’s worth a go!

Then there’s the DJ Chernobyl mix of N.A.S.A.‘s “Whatchadoin?” which–as evidenced through a couple past posts (do not miss the immense Villains remix, whatever you do)–is becoming quite the remix-friendly fixture here at MuuMuse. Chernobyl’s re-mash caters to the Arular-hearted fans longing for some of that good ol’ baile funk at it’s best. Seriously, slip this one in between horn-heavy groovers like “Bucky Done Gun” and “10 Dollar” and you’d never notice the difference. Ahh, the good old days…

And finally, we have the Kim Fai mix of Ladyhawke‘s smash single, “Paris Is Burning,” a lush and building minimally moody re-rub that somewhat calls to mind the Bill Hamel remix of Britney‘s “Touch Of My Hand.”

Look–it’s not like I’m trying to reference Brit Brit in every post. It’s simply within my nature.


DL: N.A.S.A. – Whatchadoin? (DJ Chernobyl Bailemix) (Sharebee)
DL: St. Etienne – Method of Modern Love (Magnetic Route Mix) (Sharebee)
DL: Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Kim Fai Remix) (Sharebee)

Antigone: Promiscuity

Antigone: Promiscuity

Rarely does a press release catch my eye, but the latest package from

Happy Up Here In Space

Happy Up Here In Space

Check out the wonderful video for Röyksopp’s lead-off single,

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