The wait (for life) is over.

A few weeks ago, back when Born To Die beauty Lana Del Rey oh-so-casually let the romantic title of her upcoming record slip in an interview (Honeymoon), she also revealed that she’d be making a return to the sound of her debut album on the next go-around.

And judging by “Wait For Life,” her gorgeous collaboration with Emile Haynie (the producer responsible for helping craft much of her debut record), she’s certainly begun dialing down the fuzziness of Ultraviolence back to that dreamy, nostalgic state of mind.

The song is part of Haynie’s artist album Wait For Life due out in February, which features contributions by the likes of Lykke Li, Rufus Wainwright, Charlotte Gainsbourg…and Lana, of course. It’s out on January 20, which means it’s already available in certain ahead-of-our-time territories, like New Zealand.

“Wait For Life” is full of familiar noises that colored much of her instant classic of a debut, including those lonesome plucks of surf guitar, swaggering “Million Dollar Man” piano, warbling noises in the distance and nostalgic strings. The country-tinged build-up is gradual, but that chorus is truly a dream once it strikes: “But I can’t let you in and I can’t keep you out/I wait for life to win, but it never comes around…

It’s another heavenly contribution from our favorite sad girl, truly.

“Wait For Life” will be released on January 20. (iTunes)