Album Nine Watch: 3 (Mostly) New Britney Songs Registered On BMI

Britney’s artsy-fartsy left lane opus: It’s coming, y’all.

When the Legendary Miss Britney Spears isn’t too busy putting in work (bitch) on the stage of Piece Of Me in Las Vegas or flawlessly showcasing her hot bodeh in the latest Brintimate looks for Spring/Summer 2015, she’s hitting the recording studio to put together the Most Personal Follow-up to 2013’s experimental charity mixtape, Britney Jean…and taking some new photos, too!

Mr. Photographer, I think the pop princess-now-Queen Of Pop’s ready for her close-up. And that’s not all!

Thanks to the watchful eyes of our friends over at Britney Galaxy, we now know there are 1, 2, 3 (REFERENCE) new B songs registered on BMI. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make the album — “Pull Out” is registered on BMI too, for instance — but it does (usually) mean that Britney has, at least, recorded the vocals.

The new songs are called “Forgiven,” which was written by Shelly Peiken (who also wrote “Out From Under” — listen to her version) and “Just Let Me Go,” co-written by J.R. Rotem and Evan “E. Kidd” Bogart. The two previously teamed up to craft Blackout bonus jam “Everybody,” so cue the Blackout sequel freakouts…now. (Update: Or not. This one is likely a late registration for “Love 2 Love U,” the “La Isla Bonita”-sampling Blackout reject.)

But most intriguingly of all is “Father’s Eyes,” crafted by Ina Wroldsen and Arnthor Birgisson.

Why? Because it already exists.

When they’re not writing for pop stars, Ina and Arnthor have a side project called Ask Embla. They released a fantastic debut album in 2013 called Northern Light (read the review!), and “Father’s Eyes” is from that LP. And it sounds like…

Honestly, it would be a dream (within a dream) to hear Britney’s voice on this one: It’s left-lane, it’s artsy fartsy and very emotional. Brit’s at her best when she’s supplied with sublime Swedish pop, and this would certainly be a solid sonic step in the right direction. There are even subtle hints of “He About To Lose Me” in the song, which isn’t actually a coincidence…Ina wrote that one, too.

Update: Or not. Perhaps it was a Femme Fatale or Britney Jean consideration that was ultimately scrapped. The plight of being a Britney fan.

Fingers crossed that B-Girl finds time in between her latest string of Vegasney shows to record the missing Moroderney bridge and work on some more tracks for Album Nineney.

‘Cause the crowd is waiting…and we just want more. (MOAH!)


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