The Legendary Miss Britney Spears ain’t done with extraterrestrial exploration quite yet.


With just a few days to go, a few thirsty Brit Brit stans managed to find the official cover art for “Pretty Girls” a little early on Shazam.

And B-Girl’s looking like a pretty gir — uh, alien, y’all. LIKE AN ALLLIIIEEENNN. (#BuyBritneyJeanOniTunes)

An illustration? Why, yes. That’s artsy-fartsy, left lane Intergalactic Campney for you.

And in case you’re still scratching your head after reading Iggy Azalea‘s not-so-subtle clue about the quirky, ’80’s Geena Davis-helmed narrative that upcoming music video is based on, study the single art and then watch this:

T-minus 4 days until Brit Brit and I-G-G-Y blast off, bitch.