After reigning supreme on the cover of Billboard for the first time to talk her game-changing run with Piece Of Me in Las Vegas (over $45 million and counting, bitch!) while wait-and-seeing fans’ hopes and dreams for Album Nineney to materialize any time soon (hey, it’s her prerogative), The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is now putting her derriere in the magazines once again on the cover of this week’s People Magazine.— and it’s her most personal People cover to date, y’all!

B-Girl’s jumped over drama and landed on her feet (REFERENCE) in the past, and the Intimate Britney Spears Mogulney is now taking the opportunity to share with the world that she’s in “a real good place” being the proud Mommyney to her two boys…and dealing with the glamour of homework and allowance requests.

“Preston just asked for a high allowance – like $10 a week or $20 a week – but we’ll see!” See? She doesn’t just play the “wait and see” game with us. Someday (he will understand)!

She also talks dating her fire hot, 20-out-of-10 BF Charlie Ebersol: “He’s refreshing to be around and really light-hearted.” He also has very large hands, which…well. We know how Britney likes ’em.

And, in even more exciting news that ought to (at least briefly) quench the Brit Brit Army’s thirst, Britney finally confirmed that her upcoming single, which features Iggy Azalea — and not the other way around, as was wrongly reported by some media outlets — is out on May 5.

With her career on a roll – her new single, a collaboration with Iggy Azaelea, drops on May 5 – and her family thriving, Spears says she’s in a “real good place” in her life. She says, “I’m very blessed.”

#Blessedney! I wonder what those two pretty girls have planned for us? I guess we’ll just have to…


For now, here is an Excluusive first taste of the upcoming single:

Just kiddin’. Patienceney is key as a Britney fan!

UPDATE: More photos have arrived from the People shoot, now making their rounds on The Twitter.

How genuinely beautiful and Happyney (while also really cool and urban) does our girl look? Is Sean Preston already on his way to becoming the next pop superstar in the family?

Also, is that a teepee? #SomethingMoreNativeAmerican.

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UPDATE 2: There’s also a very personal and cool confessional-style People interview with B as she spends Spring Break in Hawaii with her babies. And, um…bein’ ferocious on the beach with her baybehs? Obsessing over getting a tan before shooting the music video? Her face when she says “virgin piña coladas”? THIS is the Britney we know and love! It’s like she’s 20 years old all over again. “I’m tryna get my tan on...”


video via Britney Galaxy