Say Lou Lou, your favorite dream-pop Aussie-Swedish sister duo, continues to Slay Lou Lou.

They’ve done it with “Maybe You” and “Julian.” Their Tame Impala cover. With “Beloved” and “Better In The Dark.” With “Everything We Touch.” With their Daft Punk cover.

So really, who could possibly be surprised that their latest single, “Nothing But A Heartbeat,” is anything less than a whimsical smash?

There’s plenty to love about their latest release, from that opening chant “Ooh-wah!” to the chilly night time soundscape (crickets chirping!) to the crashing drum-filled chorus. And there’s that oh-so-very Say Lou Lou brand of melancholy, beautifully delivered in whisper-soft form: “I got no air in my lungs, got no bones in my body/There’s nothing left inside of me…nothing but a heartbeat!” Heavenly stuff, truly.

Mercifully, the girls’ debut LP Lucid Dreaming officially arrives in April 6. For real! In fact, there’s even album art and a tracklisting now.

Watch for this one to become a major Best Of ’15 contender.

Lucid Dreaming

1. Everything We Touch
2. Glitter
3. Games For Girls
4. Julian
5. Angels (Above Me)
6. Peppermint
7. Beloved
8. Hard For A Man
9. Wilder Than The Wind
10.Nothing But A Heartbeat

“Nothing But A Heartbeat” will be released on February 6. (iTunes)