Madonna, Queen Of Pop, has an album coming out in March. It’s called Rebel Heart.

Actually, it’s already come out once before in demo form last year. But don’t worry! It’s all being polished off and finis — oh, well, it’s all leaked again last night.

Try as they might, Team Madge just can’t seem to keep Her Madgesty’s latest studio album under wraps no matter how many Israelis they arrest, which is why the 25-track Super Deluxe edition of Rebel Heart spilled onto the Internet last night. Like, all of it. All of the songs.

But don’t worry: Guy Oseary is on top of this!

“Madonna fans alerted me to this.” Here we go! Just look at how he’s hurriedly swooping in on social media and calling out…an e-petition, written by some bored Lady Gaga stans (or, more likely Madonna’s own fans) calling for people to trash Madonna’s upcoming Grammys performance on social media and praise Gaga instead.

Well, sure. A juvenile social media smear campaign doesn’t sound too important in the grand scheme of things considering her entire album just leaked (again), and maybe we should concentrate our efforts on throwing the album up on iTunes right now, but surely there must be an incredible volume of people participating in this petition to warrant a global call to arm — oh, wait. 18 people have signed this?

“Rebel Flop,” indeed.