Florence + The Machine Returns With “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

Florence + The Machine is officially back. Well…mostly, anyway.

Today, the enormously talented powerhouse chanteuse that is Florence Welch unveiled the gorgeous visual for “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful,” a nearly 3-minute clip shot in Mexico weeks back with directors Tabitha Denholm (“Rabbit Heart”) and Vincent Haycock.

While Florence has always had an eye for striking visuals, the short clip is unlike anything she’s served up before, as she squares off with — uh, herself! — in a mesmerizing and intimate little dance outside. Do those expressive hand gestures look familiar? That’s because it’s the work of Ryan Heffington, the same choreographer behind Sia‘s “Chandelier” and 1000 Forms Of Fear routines.

The song itself, which is filled with blaring horns that steadily grow in strength (watch your volume!), sort of recalls something you might hear on Björk‘s Volta. Mercifully, we’re also given just a moment of Florence’s haunting vocals, although this sounds more like a teaser of what’s to come on her long-awaited 3rd studio LP rather than an actual new song. And what’s to come, to be exact, is the album’s lead single “What Kind Of Man,” which was prematurely revealed thanks to an accidental iTunes banner uploaded too soon and quickly taken down. Oops.

Oh. And she’s got a new logo, too! Or is it a hint at the album cover? That’s always very exciting.

Prepare to fall back in (cosmic) love.

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