Hey. R U #Mascdonna looking for same? (Sorry…no Little Monsters, no Swifties. Just a preference.)

That’s awesome dude, because The Queen Of Pop(pers) is looking to have some hot NSA Rebel Heart fun with you.

It’s real and it’s actual: Madonna will be living for love with a few lucky shirtless torsos on Grindr this Valentine’s Day.

The gay “networking” app announced the very special Valentine’s Day contest today: Three winners will win a copy of Rebel Heart, another three will win a signed copy of the album — and five winners will have the opportunity to chat with Powertopdonna herself on Grindr.


Into? It’s easy! You simply recreate the album’s occasionally problematic black lash-wrapped album cover, make it your profile photo and change your headline to #LivingForLove by midnight on Valentine’s Day, and then keep it there until the next day when the winners are selected.

This really takes “Where’s the parTy?” to a whole new level. Lord, lift me up, up, up, up!

Hey, this #UnapologeticBitch certainly knows her audience…