Legendtina’s ‘Lotus’, One Year Later: A Celebration of The Album Of Our Generation



Today, November 13, is the one year anniver-SAY!-ry of the release of Legendtina‘s Lotus.

Lotus isn’t so much an album as it is a way of life: Where were you when you bought Lotus on iTunes one year ago? What kind of #LotusPromo have you done over the past year to support the movement? How have you turned the Blank Page and Made The World Move?

Today, we celebrate the many memorable moments that have changed pop culture forever — like when the Max Martin-produced Grindr anthem “Your Body” first fucked our bodies (make sure to revisit our comprehensive song analysis), as well as the iconic accompanying music video, which led to a drastic uptick in the sales of wooden bats, Bits ‘N Pieces cereal, tanning beds, online astrologist services, 1996 IBMs and Kool-Aid-dyed hair extensions.

And of course, who could forget MuuMuse’s own track-by-track analysis of Lotus with none other than Legendtina herself?


DID YOU KNOW? “Lotus Intro,” which charted at #165 in South Korea after selling nearly 1,900 copies (SAY!), originally included a sample of M83‘s “Midnight City.” But, having not been true lovers of music, the band was “Just A Fool” and denied Legendtina use of the sample. Their next release, Oblivion: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, was panned by critics and peaked at #137 in Belgium. Coincidence? Hardly.


Lotus did more than just inspire a nation of unbreakable flowers, bobbleheads and fighers alike: Back in April, Time Magazine appropriately named Legendtina The Most Influential Artist Of Ever. The announcement led to the establishment of the L.O.T.U.S. (Legend Of The United States) Relief Organization, a foundation set up to distribute unsold copies of Lotus to impoverished towns and villages “Around The World.”


DID YOU KNOW? Legendtina survived merciless shade attacks by both Lady Gaga and the New York Times while promoting Lotus.

Lotus has served as a frequent inspiration for music in 2013: Ciara has often cited “Your Body” as the prime inspiration for “Body Party” [citation needed]. AlunaGeorge‘s debut album, Body Music, was famously dedicated to Lotus [citation needed]. The album was so ahead of its time, it even inspired Wale‘s “Lotus Flower Bomb” nearly a year prior [citation needed].


Lotus‘ LGBT anthem, “Let There Be Love” — which encourages free love, SAY!-fe sex and inspired the #LotusPromo Love Glove for true lovers of Red Hot Kinda Love — famously soared to #1 on the Billboard (Dance/Club Play Songs) Chart, all thanks to her performance at the American Music Awards.


Fighter Eden Sher asking LegendtinaDoes Lotus actually stand for Legend Of The United States?

DID YOU KNOW? Legendtina’s bedside #LotusPromo address for Boston Pride 2013 directly led to the legalization of gay marriage in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Minnesota, Maine, California, Washington and Rhode Island.

And when Hurricane Sandy struck last year during prime #LotusPromo season, Legendtina bravely appeared on a telethon to tell the hurricane to spin around in circles on her middle finger — followed by a rendition of “Your Body” performed using office supplies on Jimmy Fallon.


Legendtina’s grand return to The Voice in 2013, following the delay of the Bionic/Lotus Experience Tour, saved the reality TV series from being cancelled thanks to Legendtina’s nightly performances and insightful guidance as an advanced teacher to her team of lessers.


DID YOU KNOW? Sales of Lotus toilet paper — Finland’s favorite toilet paper for over 30 years — quadrupled upon the release of Lotus.

While the “SAY! Something” songstress and Feature Queen transitions into the next creative phase of her career, she was kind enough to call into MuuMuse for an Excluusive statement regarding the anniversary of her triumphant 2012 record: “You’re welcome, fan.”

Feel free to share your favorite Lotus memories and #LotusPromo below. And remember — buy Lotus.



Lotus was released on November 13, 2012. (iTunes)

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