Legendtina Shows Off Heir To The Throne Summer Rain In ‘People,’ Talks ‘Bionic’ Legacy With ‘TIME’


LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK (New York, NY) — GRAMMY® Award-winning chanteuse, Gay Walk Of Fame VIP inductee and forthcoming ABC Family Dramedy Executive Producer-Legend Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera reigns supreme in both TIME and People Magazine this week, sharing the cover with Heir To The Throne Summer Rain, whom national baby critics are already declaring “so impossibly cute I just, like, honestly I can’t.”

It’s been yet another banner week for the jazz-inventing Voice icon, having won yet another Grammy® at this year’s event for her stirring smash remake of A Great Big World‘s “Say Something.” “Oh, another? Couldn’t have done it without my dear fans, A Great Big Wheel. SAY something!” she said in a prepared statement via social media later that night.

But why wasn’t the “Primer Amor Interlude” songstress available to deliver the speech in person? Because she was too busy rehearsing and recording — that’s why.

In an interview with TIME, the same publication that rightfully dubbed Legend X one of The 100 Most Influential Artists Of Ever in 2013, the Lotus icon disclosed more details regarding her New York-themed performance at the NBA All Star Game.

No, I’m in steady dance rehearsals and vocal rehearsals for this Sunday, for the NBA kick-off performance. It’s a whole tribute to New York — I’ve got the Rockettes joining me and a special guest. I’m very fired up for this specific performance because it’s such exciting, classic material revamped. And then I had to record late [Sunday] night for a soundtrack deadline, so I was unable to attend. I think if I had had a record out, I would have made the trip. Maybe next year!

“Classic material” is hardly a hint, considering the description fits her entire discography. And the movie in question is also anyone’s guess, although rumors are swirling that the song will be used for an upcoming film called Fifty Shades Of SAY!

She also discussed Baby Max‘s fleeting fascination with lesser artists and their raunchy, baking soda-like lyricism:

What is he singing that you’re not wild about?

Oh my goodness, just songs with certain lyrical references. It could be anything as innocent as Beyoncé to songs about baking soda, you know what I mean?

And the Legend did not hold back in sharing her appreciation for 2014 “Lady Marmalade” homage “Bang Bang,” as sung by Ariel Grande Latte, Bionic starlet Nicki Minaj and Jazzy James:

If you had to pick artists for a 2015 version of “Lady Marmalade” [the 2001 song Aguilera recorded with Pink, Mya, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot], who would they be?

Miley would be great in that mix, because I think she’s a great risk taker and has a lot of fun. Maybe Nicki Minaj. Those are the two that directly come to mind. But I actually thought “Bang Bang” [featuring Minaj, Jessie J and Ariana Grande] was a pretty good “Lady Marmalade” reference, in a way. It’s always great to see girls come together — especially in the face of the media sometimes, trying to pit us against each other.

The TIME reporter — clearly a fan — also briefly veered away from journalistic objectivity at one point by giddily revealing his love of her advanced 2010 masterpiece, Bionic:

You worked with Sia several years before she had her big moment at the Grammys.

I like your research there. Sia, Nicki Minaj — yeah, I had a lot of great people on Bionic before crazy stuff happened.

A true lover of music rightfully acknowledging the ahead-of-its-time nature of Bionic. The legacy lives on. Still going strong!

And that’s not all: Not to be limited by one publication, Legendtina also spoke to People Magazine about the trials and tribulations of being both a mother, a red swivel chair sitter and a legend — as well as the joy of Summer Rain, future Queen Of Pop.

“It’s definitely not easy juggling work and motherhood, as being a parent is a full-time job within itself,” she says. “You just have to make it work for you. My life has so many different moving parts, but my kids are the center focal piece, and everything else shifts around them.”

Summer Rain reportedly did not have much to say on set during her glam debut photo shoot, likely due to vocal rest for an upcoming performance. Instead, she kept mostly to herself in a crib munching on Lil’ Lotus crackers, an item from Legendtina’s upcoming baby food line, as well as soiling her Dirrty diapers — a chaps-shaped diaper from Legendtina’s new baby clothing line, Back To Babies.

However, she did have one thing to say to fans…

All I wanna do…is go potty.

Judging by that winning pose, she’s clearly a quick learner…and a true legend in the making. Bow down!


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