I Like That: Interview with Luciana!

While the name Luciana Caporoso might not immediately strike a chord, chances are you’ve seen the name attached to some of the hottest dance floor scorchers of the past decade.

Luciana is perhaps best known for being the queen of collaboration, responsible for lending her vocal chops and songwriting skills to a slew of the brattiest and bossiest dance anthems of the past few years, including “Yeah Yeah” and “What Planet You On?” with Bodyrox, to “Bigger Than Big” with Super Mai, to her latest club smash along with Static Revenger and Richard Vission, “I Like That.”

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to ask the singer some questions regarding her break into the music industry, her creative work–including visual art and penning tracks for other artists (most recently Kylie Minogue‘s heaven-sent Aphrodite cut, “Cupid Boy”), and her plans to further dominate the dance floor.

As one can probably tell early on into the interview, the sassy spunk that Luciana brings to her music is hardly restricted to the recording studio. She’s a firecracker! Click “Read More…” to see the full interview.

Oh, and just to make this feature even more delicious, I just happened upon this sweet lil’ video shout out above from the singer waiting for me in my inbox. As she would likely declare, it’s utterly fabulous. Thanks for the love, Luciana!

Hi Luciana! So happy to finally speak with you. How are you?

I’m very happy thank you Brad. I’m here in L.A., the sun is shining and I’m writing for my solo album…. life is good!

Your name’s been attached to dozens of dance acts and producers–from Bodyrox to Static Revenger to Richard Vission. How did you get started working in dance?

Well I already knew the lovely Jon Pearn from Full Intention so I started out singing a few fabulous tracks with them. Jon later formed Bodyrox with Nick Bridges and as you know we also recorded some great tunes together, including ‘Yeah Yeah’ which reached No. 2 in the UK Charts. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing producers and DJ’s including Martijn Ten Velden, Mark Knight, Fedde Le Grand, Supermal and Deadmau5 to name drop just a few!

What inspired you to join the dance industry rather than another genre of music?

I didn’t choose Dance….she chose me!!!! I was sat on pavement eating a bag of chips and she came along and said, ‘Do you wanna go to a club?’ and I said, ‘Hell yeah!’ and the rest is herstory!!!!!

Of all the collaborations you’ve done thus far, which one are you most proud of or enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed collaborating with Martijn Ten Velden as ‘I Wish U Would” is my ode to Jackie Stallone…It’s the reason I’m singing in that faux American accent during the verses. She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother a few years back in the UK and was utterly fabulous! ‘Yeah Jackie!’ My friends and I spoke like her for weeks after! But every track has it’s magic otherwise there’s no point collaborating…you’ve got to feel it and enjoy it…or don’t do it!!

How about your own solo route–do you prefer being featured on tracks, or are you working on your own release as a solo artist?

I love working with different artists as you get to dip in and out of other peoples vibes and that keeps me entertained as a song writer. As long as I’m creating and the music moves me, I’m happy. I’m also currently working on my own solo album here in La La Land and loving every minute! Just writing and enjoying myself!

Aside from the dance route, you’re also involved in visual art. In 2004, you released the Icon collection, a collection of pop culture’s most recognizable stars made through photography and painting. Can you tell us more about that collection?

Yes…Andy Warhol is my inspiration, as with everything I do whether it’s writing or painting. The collection is of popular icons painted/distressed with gold/silver leaf. I exhibited in Soho London and sold quite a few. I love doing these pieces. It’s just another form of expression. It feels good so I do it!

Have you done any design work for the music industry?

Absolutely…I did some work for Island and Sony Records when I was signed to them and have always helped design my own covers and posters. I set up a company called ShooterUK with my creative sparring partner David Burgoyne where we do the photography and design the artwork needed for that particular project. It’s a very satisfying job as you have complete control over your look and the final say on your photographs. We do like to use the old Photoshop ‘glamour brush!’ How fabulous!

Do you think you’ll do something else in visual arts, or is your focus on music currently?

I’m completely focused on writing my solo album but the visual side of things will come into play when photographs are needed. We’re just working on the web page now and it’s starting to shape up rather nicely. Very excited about that. Why not take a look? (Click here to visit Luciana’s website.)

You also do quite a bit of songwriting. Can you tell us anyone you’re currently writing for?

Well my writing partner Nick Clow and I recently wrote a track with the Swedish House Mafia for Kylie’s new album Aphrodite. It’s called ‘Cupid Boy’. We were sent the most amazing track from the boys and instantly knew it was special so we worked our arses off to make it the most perfect song we could. I’m so proud of it! I saw Kylie perform the track at her album launch in Ibiza and I’m not gonna lie, I cried! I just love her so much and am so honoured to have worked with her.

Did you work directly with Kylie? If so, how was the experience?

Unfortunately not. She’s such a busy lady! Probably just as well as if I had I think I may have fainted! I love her!

Who would be a dream artist to write for?

I always wanted to write with Basement Jaxx but they’ve split so I’m sad that’ll never happen. Writing with Andre 3000 form Outkast would be fun. Or Kanye West. I did a track with Chipmunk called “You love your sneakers more than u love me’ and he was great. (Preview here!) I’d also love to write for Katy Perry or Beyonce too!

I would say one of the signature characteristics of your songs seems to be a large helping of sass. (“Hands up, shoot you down, you better shut your mouth!”) What do you draw influence from when writing your songs?

Oh god..everything! I have notepads and Dictaphones everywhere. I’m always writing down what people are saying. Just everyday stuff. When flicking through magazines I’m inspired by the headlines, even down to lipstick colours! Mac have a lip colour out called Ruby Woo, how cool to put that in a song somewhere! My ears are always open to new ideas.

How about the songs of the moment–what sounds are inspiring you today?

I am absolutely loving Tinie Tempah. He makes me dance. Also love Professor Green, Plan B and The Wanted. I adore Deadmau5 and Swedish House Mafia with Pharrell Williams. I love the Chris Willis with David Guetta track. Fabulous!

“What Planet You On?” is another favorite of mine, released in 2008 with Bodyrox. How did that song come about? I absolutely love the lyrics. (“If you don’t wanna be my best friend, then why am I still in your bed?”) So much attitude. So fun to sing!

I do love singing that song. When I perform it all the girls at the front do all the attitude movements and finger pointing to the boys! It’s so much fun.

“I Like That” is another one of your recent smashes, which was recorded with Static Revenger and Richard Vission. The song was just featured on Cherrytree Record’s new label sampler and has been burning up the dance charts for some time now. Congratulations! How was the experience of crafting that song, and how has the response been when you’ve performed or heard it played in public?

When we got the track through from Dennis White of Static Revenger we just looked at each other and said we need to make this a-m-a-z-ing. I hadn’t had that feeling for a song since ”Yeah Yeah” so knew we had to work and work and work some more! Nobody ever knew this song would climb as high as it has. Double platinum in Australia! It’s so left of centre I thought it would be a one off underground dance vibe like “I Wish U Would” but it’s also blowing up here in the States too. It’s truly amazing what’s happening. I love it so much and am sooooo excited by it.

It seems like you’ve been doing a lot of live performances lately. How do you enjoy the live experience as opposed to working in the studio and writing?

I enjoy both equally. When I’m in the studio too long I want to go on stage and release some energy and when I’m gigging everywhere I want to be in the studio creating! I’m very blessed and very happy with how things are going just now. I feel very lucky indeed.

And as for now, what are your new and upcoming projects and releases?

My solo album…finally! Can’t wait!

Thank you so much for chatting with me, Luciana–I can’t wait to hear what’s next!!! All the best, and hope to speak soon.

Thank you too Brad and hope to catch up with you soon for a coffee and a natter!

Luciana is currently penning her debut album. Her latest single with Richard Vission and Static Revenger, “I Like That,” was released in July. (iTunes)

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