Madonna’s Living For Love” Video Is On Snapchat: Here’s How To Watch


Because Madonna is the Queen Of Innovation, Reinvention and Dick Pics, she and her team have turned to everyone’s favorite unflattering silly double chin face/nude-sending transient photo service Snapchat to premiere the video for her Rebel Heart lead single, “Living For Love.”

According to the press release: “FOR THE NEXT 24-HOURS THE SNAP CHANNEL IS THE ONLY PLACE THE WORLD CAN SEE THE VIDEO.” (Okay, you don’t have to yell, Madge.)

Chances are, even if you’re somewhat technologically inclined, you still won’t be able to figure out how to access it because it’s actually really fucking hard.

Here’s what to do:

1.) Open Snapchat.
2.) Once it’s open, click the bottom right square.
3) Once you’re here (Stories), click the top right circle.
4.) Once you’re here (Discover — and yes, I know that’s the MuuMuse logo they’ve shamelessly stolen), click the black button in the center with the picture of the ghost.
5.) Once here, you’ll see a preview of the Madonna video. Scroll up and the video will load.
6.) After you watch the video, scroll right to see additional behind-the-scenes content.

I will do a proper reaction post once the video is viewable on The Internet, but all I can say is that I’ve just teared up in the middle of a subway station and still can’t get the smile off of my face.

UPDATE: Here’s a way to watch, courtesy of Ultimate Music.

Basically, she’s done it again.

The clip is a chic routine a la “Girl Gone Wild,” with a heavy dose of “Take A Bow” bullfighting, loads of shirtless bull-men and the stylish feel of Re-Invention Tour, from the rich-looking costumes to the thrilling cinematography. The symbolism makes total sense: She’s gonna carry on! Madge plays the fighter, standing the test of time against everything that comes her way — including #haters, obviously.

Really, she goes on and on and on: The woman is three (or four) times old as the pop princesses on the radio airwaves today, and yet, she’s out-performing all of them. The aerial stunt-work alone! And she looks absolutely incredible.

She is unbelievably inspiring and endlessly entertaining. She was, is and forever will be The Queen.



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