Did Madonna‘s confounding Snapchat premiere of her “Living For Love” video have you angrily roaring obscenities at the sun and hurling your blasted mobile contraption into the sea, cursing the day photo messaging networks were ever invented? Same.

Luckily, it’s now available to watch in Normal Human Internet ways, via the YouTube.

Now that the pink dust and rose petals have settled, it’s time to once again enjoy Madge’s latest incredible visual in glorious 1080 HD quality, just as it deserves to be seen.


Prepare for a whole lot of sexy shirtless minotaur action, gravity defying aerial stunt-work, life lessons spelled out in Papyrus font and fierce, fancy footwork from The One And Only Matadonna, Our Lady Of Take A Bow.


Take the artsy cinematography and chic ‘n regal fashion of the Re-Invention Tour and toss it all into a bull ring with “Girl Gone Wild,” and there you have it: A love most certainly worth living for.


In case you haven’t heard: She’s not going to stop — she’s gonna carry on! — and that’s why she’s running laps ’round pop divas half — scratch that, one-third her age. Please don’t tell her stop. But even if you do, she won’t be listening. Lord, lift her up, up, up!


Gorgeously shot. Effective. Timeless.

The video manages to capture the message of the song in a meaningful, symbolic way while showcasing Madge’s boundless showmanship.

There are zero complaints and only one Queen…and that’s Madonna. Bitch.


GIFs via Crazy-For-Madonna.