So far, she’s released her lovey-dovey, Jimmy Eat World-y “Heartbeat Song,” the Sia-penned empowerment anthem “Invincible” and her deeply personal title track, “Piece By Piece.” And now, we’ve arrived at “Run, Run, Run” — which is sadly not a cover of Nicole Scherzinger‘s “Run,” but rather a cover of Tokio Hotel‘s “Run, Run, Run.”

To aid her in tackling the emotional tune, she’s recruited the talented (and ACADEMY AWARD WINNING) John Legend — who, quite unsurprisingly, makes for a perfect companion on the moving album standout.

Kelly requires no modern production or trendy radio tricks, which is largely why “Run, Run, Run” is so compelling: The song organically builds along a slow-moving piano melody and gorgeous orchestral strings, leading all the way to what is a genuinely epic-feeling climax. Guh! Emotions. Don’t look back, Kelly!

If ever there were a song on Piece By Piece that deserves a full bells ‘n whistles treatment for a major live performance at an award show or something, it’s probably this one — orchestra and all.

All of the tears. What’d you think of the song, Chrissy?



And, just in case you’re curious, here’s how the song originally sounds.

“Run, Run, Run” was released on February 25. (iTunes)