Right around this time last year, a promising young pop princess from across the pond named Salt Ashes (born Veiga Sanchez) caught my attention with her debut single: A brooding, sweetly cooed disco tune called “Somebody.” She kept the pulsations coming later in the year with “If You Let Me Go.”

Opting for a less immediately pop-centered approach, the singer’s returned in 2015 with a sensual and shadowy shiver for the dance floor called “Raided,” an intimate offering of breathy vocals and minimal pulsations.

According to Mizz Ashes, the song was inspired by the underground club scene in Berlin:

A friend took me to an underground club in Berlin that reminded me of Warhol’s ‘Factory’. Everyone seemed to be escaping the outside world, hiding whatever secret or story they had. I became fascinated by them and tried to imagine what their real stories were which lead me to write ‘Raided.’

The end result is something dark, dreamy and tenderly crafted, like a cut off of Little Boots‘ underappreciated midnight outing, Nocturnes.

That chorus is just sublime. In fact, it just might be Salt Ashes’ most impressive work to date.

“Raided” will be released later this Spring. (iTunes)