‘Heartbreak Hotel’: Alice Checks In With a Disco-Inspired Ditty on Her Path to Pop Stardom

There’s a room waiting for you at Alice’s Heartbreak Hotel – no reservation needed.

When I got a first, venomous bite of what Alice – full name Ali Chater – had to offer just before her debut, I had a feeling she might be one of the next big pop saviors in these desperate, diva-free times.

My suspicion, so far, is steadily checking out…or in, rather.

Following the release of her very good “Girls X Boys,” which I failed to mention with a proper write-up because I’m inconsistent and, on rare occasion, even sometimes flawed, Alice is bringing us deeper into her wonderland (had to eventually, sorry) with a brand new song called “Heartbreak Hotel.”

The track’s credits alone are fascinating for fellow pop nerds: the song features the prolific Arnþór Birgisson (who did Samantha Mumba‘s “Gotta Tell You,” among others), Kinnda Ingrosso (wife of Sebastian Ingrosso and writer of Jennifer Lopez‘s “On The Floor,” among others) and rising songwriting star Rachel Furner (who did Little Mix‘s “Secret Love Song” among others.)

Armed with a chorus that provides a loving wink-wink to Anita Ward‘s “Ring My Bell” (the original songwriter, Frederick Knight, is credited – don’t worry!), the sexy song is all sorts of catchy, modern disco-pop goodness.

There are some familiar vibes embedded in the track’s DNA, beyond the obvious original song’s inspiration – perhaps a bit of early solo Gwen Stefani in those spoken moments? (“I know you’ll really love it…“) And maybe some of the strut of Madonna‘s Hard Candy, a la “Dance 2Night”? (A real, fleshed-out chorus as opposed to a beat drop! In 2018! Imagine…)

And, based on the tiny previews we’ve seen thus far, the choreography is coming.

Alice also just got off the stage at London Pride earlier on Saturday (July 7), and it looks like she whipped her LGBTQ-friendly hair ’round for a fabulously extra show.

I mean, hello, there’s an Alice bathtub.

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All the makings of a future gay icon and pop superstar, really. Are you ready to check in and head up to your room?

“Heartbreak Hotel” was released on July 6. (iTunes)

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