Britney Rakes In $45 Million With ‘Piece Of Me’ Residency In Las Vegas In Her First Year, Remains Exceptional Earner

When she isn’t too busy stealing the spotlight at the Super Bowl with her iconic sporting anthem “Oh Oh”, recording the artsy fartsy left-lane follow-up to experimental indie mixtape Britney Jean, meeting at the collision of glamour and romance for her Brintimates collection, being a selfless charitable angel or eternally sitting on her vintage Moroderney collaboration, The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is generating lots and lots of money, love and happiness (REFERENCE) in Las Vegas.

In fact, the “Right Now (Taste The Victory)” legend’s Vegas residency, Piece Of Me, has been doing so well, she was just honored with a plaque last Saturday for “an extremely successful first year,” according to a post on Caesars’ official blog.

Since its December 2013 opening, “Britney: Piece of Me” at Planet Hollywood has sold a whopping 300,000 tickets, grossing more than $45 million.


On hand to present her the plaque were (from left to right in photo above) Edward “Tex” Dike, general manager of The AXIS; Jason Gastwirth, senior vice president of marketing and entertainment of Caesars Entertainment; Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph; Erin Chamberlin, vice president and general manager of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino; and David Hoenemeyer; regional president of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

To help break it down, $45 million is the equivalent of approximately 15,100,675 Hibiscus Berry tea drinks from Starbucks. The money will also provide funding for additional glue guns, glitter and puffy paint pens for Multimillionaireney to make more (MOAH!“I <3 CHARLIE” residency outfit alterations.

In response to this latest feat, the Living Legend has issued an official statement:


Really, though…it’s such a stellar achievement, she deserves her own Billboard or something.

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