Giorgio Moroder. The Invisible Men. And now, Matthew Koma.

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears might be taking her sweet, sweet time to slowly but surely work on her forthcoming left-lane artsy fartsy rock opus, but the producers involved keep coming out of the woodwork for Album Nineney.

While we cry watching the days (REFERENCE) until B-Girl finally shows us what a “Pretty Girl” she is (so pretty!), another producer has spilled the Brit Brit Beans: Mr. Matthew Koma, the talented singer-songwriter responsible for penning songs like Zedd‘s “Clarity (feat. Foxes),” the bulk of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Kiss and Kelly Clarkson‘s “Someone,” among many other pop gems.

Koma oh-so-casually confirmed his involvement and alluded to at least one song he’s worked on for B9 in an interview with VICE:

How has working with Britney changed things for you? That’s a different realm when you’re writing for that level of pop star.

For me to keep sane, I have to be working on stuff that’s a little all over the map. It helps my process to be focused on different things so when I come back to whatever was on the last plate I have a little bit more perspective on it. Working with someone like Britney is refreshing when you’re coming out of spending a lot of time on your own record or working on Zedd’s new album because it is a different headspace.

When you’re working with other people do you come up with songs that you would rather hold on to for yourself?

It depends. With Britney, for example, one of the songs she recorded was a song that I had been working on, channeling Squeeze. They’re one of my favorite bands and when she heard it she was really digging it.

If you want to talk #SomethingMoreLeftLane, look no further than the idea of Godney getting in the zone with some British New Wave.

Concerned by the seemingly strange musical reference? Well, don’t be: With disco legends and talented songwriters in the mix, B is definitely in much more capable (and exciting!) hands this time around than, uh…that last one she did with Whats.His.Face.

Bring on Squeezeney.

In the meantime, get familiar with Matthew’s killer songwriting skills with his version of the huge hit he wrote for Zedd, “Clarity.”

“You are the piece of me…” FORESHADOWING. The signs were there all along.