Well, damn.

After our favorite avant garde shapeshifter FKA twigs teased a song called “Glass & Patron” in her exceptional Google Glass promo (RIP Google Glass) months ago, the limb-bending otherworldly oddity has just gone and poured us a tall glass of the hard stuff with a stunning self-directed contribution for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

But before we get into the incredible forest vogue-off, there’s the small matter of the…err, FKA pregnancy inside of a van. Quite something, isn’t it? Who knew FKA twigs doubled as a magician? Oh, you’ve got a handkerchief stuffed in your pocket? Please. She’s got you beat, for sure.

Important question: Is she also available for bar mitzvahs?

Evidently, those colorful handkerchiefs symbolized some fierce twirling dancers inside her body (or something to that effect), because the next time we see the svelte LP1 songstress (boy, she lost that baby weight fast!), she’s working hard down the runway with her squad of super talented legendary children — sort of like if iamamiwhoami knew how to vogue.

It’s completely weird and completely captivating: the FKA twigs way.

And the song really turns into a proper tune once she hits the dance floor, too: 1, 2, 3…now hold that pose for me.

Keep doing you, twigs!

‘LP1’ was released on August 12. (iTunes)