Bet you really (X6) didn’t see this one coming.

The video for the Canadian cutie Carly Rae Jepsen‘s unstoppably catchy comeback smash-to-be “I Really Like You” has arrived…and it’s the Tom Hanks movie shot in between Big, Forrest Gump and You’ve Got Mail that you never knew you haven’t watched yet.

Basically, Hanks is on top of the world on his way downtown to shoot this video (very meta), in which he will festively dance and sing with Carly and Justin Bieber, as one does.

Along the way, the actor exchanges emoji-heavy texts with Carly (running man, tree, running man Carly?), takes selfies with strangers and gets some right swipes on Tinder, because sure. All of it makes perfect sense.

Hanks steals the spotlight with his acting and, uh, unique lip-syncing skills. In fact, we don’t even see our chipper chanteuse until the very end, as she exchanges some giggles with the actor (“I’m pregnant“) and goes prancing along down the road with her pals — including JB. It’s kind of adorable to see Biebs go from serving Blue Steel model face for Calvin Klein to happily twirling around like a Glee cast member. His public rebranding is coming along nicely, isn’t it?

Silliness, smiles and sugary-sweet pop: it’s really (X6) the Carly Rae way.

“I Really Like You” was released on March 2. (iTunes)