“Kaur Di Taur”: Punjabi Singer Jazzleen Releases Iconic Rip-Off Of Britney’s “Work Bitch” Video

The enduring impact of Britney Jean.

Rising Punjabi chanteuse/soon-to-be internationally acclaimed superstar Jazzleen is currently making waves across the Internet, specifically the Britosphere, thanks to the video for her new (debut?) single, “Kaur Di Taur.”

Why? Because it’s an #unapologetic rip-off of The Legendary Miss Britney Spears“Work Bitch”!

The similarities between the two aren’t even up for debate: The biting is so obvious, it’s a stroke of genius!

The song, the white platform in the desert, the vanity, the Forever 21 mannequins, the hot pink tape dress, the dirty ass water tank…oh my God, that Jazzleen’s shameless! (But wait, no sharks?!)

There are some elements of Paris Hilton‘s fanciful paradise from the “Come Alive” video, too. Jazzleen is a woman with taste.

You wanna hot bodeh? You wanna Bugatti—err, Toyota? You better Kaur Di Taur!

Will you also be pre-ordering Jazzleen Jean?






Thanks to MuuMuse reader Chris for this gem of a find on ATRL.

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