Turn the lights down low and kiss me: Our beloved Dignity diva has returned.

There was a moment there when Disney princess-turned-certifiable MILF Hilary Duff threatened to veer permanently into vanilla guitar-pop territory with her sweetly inoffensive, shoe commercial-friendly “Chasing The Sun” and the slightly punchier “All About You,” but that moment has since passed: She went to Sweden to for a full-on Swede-pop makeover and decided to let her hair down…and then dye it mermaid blue-green.

“Sparks,” the first taste of that new new, was co-written with our Queen Of The Clouds Tove Lo and co-produced alongside Peter Thomas (Betty Who) and the legendary Bloodshy of Bloodshy & Avant.

While the full song’s still on the way, The Duffster’s just teased one full, glorious minute of the throbbing tune as a tie-in with her new show Younger. And as you can already hear, she’s diving right back into the synth ‘n sass mode of her 2007 opus, Dignity. Now that’s more like it, Duff!

You…you make my heart go…