It’s all Madonna everything on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, a daytime television program that supplies $10,000 checks and 5-star vacations to gay twin model YouTubers and memes.

And to kick off the #UnapologeticCelebration, Her Royal Madgesty delivered another stellar performance as Matadonna in custom Nicolas Jebran with her Rebel Heart lead single, “Living For Love.” No cape involved this time around (although Ellen wasted no time in lampooning that moment, obviously) — instead, she delivered that muscly, pounding remix as she did on Le Grand Journal, complete with my favorite fierce Japanese voguing duo Aya and Bambi by her side. Well done, M!

From there, it was sit-down time: The two discussed everything from Lourdes going off to school (she’s devastated, but this cape — remember, because she fell down that one time! — ought to cheer her up), Kanye West‘s #UnapologeticBrilliance, not needing a walker (Madonna calls ’em Zimmer-frames, the British equivalent, because obviously), dating a 22-year-old in the past 5 years (Madge and I share a taste for the #RebelTwinks, sowhatwhocares?) and the paparazzi going crazy for her in public.

Obviously, her response was perfection.

“I think people should go more crazy over me.”

But of course, M. We’re all crazy for you.