Kesha, The Artist Formerly Known As K-E-Dollar Sign-Ha, has a message for you: “I don’t fuck with you.

The glitter-pop “Backstabber” princess might still be deeply embroiled in a few, erm, legal troubles at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to play small gigs and international festivals (RT FOR BRAZIL) in the past few months to keep the Animals satiated.

Tonight, Kesha performed a tiny venue called Black Cat in Washington DC. And luckily enough, MuuMuse reader Nardo78 was in the crowd to catch Kween Kesha in action and send in this photo of the setlist via Snapchat. (Thank you again for that!)


Buried in between her hits, ranging all the way back to “Tik Tok” up to “Timber” and everywhere in between, Kesha threw in a surprise acoustic rendition which, based on the first few videos coming in via Twitter, sounds like a truly amazing mash-up, consisting of Chris Brown‘s “Loyal,” Big Sean‘s “I Don’t Fuck With You” and Nick Jonas‘ “Jealous” all at once. Now…who could she be directing all that anger toward?

Check out some clips of Kesha’s ultimate fuck-off medley from this evening, which she obviously needs to record in studio form, like…yesterday.

tonite was fuuuuuun w a sing a long

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