A Very Cool, Personal And Urban Announcement Regarding MuuMuse

Hello, world.

I’ve got some news for you.

Starting today, May 1, I am officially the new Editor In Chief of PopCrush.

With the help of a team of talented writers, I’m going to make PopCrush an even cooler, funkier, all-around beefier pop culture beast. The website’s not just limited to music, either: PopCrush covers all things pop — from TV shows to teen Viners to whichever ugly dress goes viral next — which means it’s going to be a major undertaking.

Now, rest assured: MuuMuse is not ending. MuuMuse is not ending. It’s still here. You’re reading it right now, in fact. Legendtina will live on to SAY! another day. So please, put the pitchforks and torches down for a moment.

Understandably, MuuMuse is going to take a slight backseat as I now pour my energy into PopCrush.

In other words: If there’s breaking news about a new secret Janet album, you’re going to read my #smarttake on PopCrush. If Rihanna attends an awards show, there will be a GIF-filled recap of her audience reactions on PopCrush. And if Britney drops a surprise album on TIDAL, I’m reviewing it on PopCrush. (Just kidding, I’ll be too busy being dead.)

I will continue to run MuuMuse on my own as always, although you’ll likely notice that the post frequency will decrease. To be honest, I still haven’t quite figured out the #content balance, and I really won’t know how that’ll go until I get into the swing of things at PopCrush. Perhaps I’ll go the #somethingmorepersonal route more often, LiveJournal style? That’s worked in the past. (Any suggestions would actually be great.)

And then there’s you, my loyal readers: The MuuStans. The Little Muusters. The MuuNavy. You have carried me and continue to support me (and ruthlessly shade me) throughout my career. As a result, I’m hopeful that you will now follow me into my next endeavor. Like, literally: Follow PopCrush. Read the site. Like. Comment. Subscribe. The transition will inevitably take time, and I’d love nothing more than to see a few familiar digital faces.

Pop culture is entertaining. My goal has always been to make the consumption of pop culture entertaining, too. Not to get too emotional, but in a lot of ways, this is my dream job. (!)

In short, I will say this: This isn’t the end of anything. It’s just a new chapter for me. I’m excited to give you even more (MOAH), and I’m hoping you’ll all support my decision to take it to the next level, baby (REFERENCE). And if you don’t like it, fuck you.

I love you all very much. Buy Lotus on iTunes. And please, always remember to RT for Brazil.



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