Last month, I wrote about Nashville-based songstress CAPPA and her debut single “Hush,” an ethereal transmission that floats somewhere between BROODS and Grimes.

Today, CAPPA returns with her follow-up single “In The Morning,” which I’m happy to premiere here on MuuMuse.

The downtempo Jon Santana production is packed full of atmospheric sound and tight tripping beats, recalling both the dark R&B melancholy of BANKS and the otherworldliness of Say Lou Lou.

“We are all so scared, so we take it slow/But I’m jumping in headfirst ’cause I gotta know,” she breathily coos. The imagery is fitting, given that it sounds like CAPPA is swimming against a current of electronic ripples, as beats crash and stutter against the speakers.

From CAPPA herself:

This track is different from anything I’ve done before or anything else that’s going to be on the EP. A little more of an R&B vibe, it’s the first song that I’ve written to a track. That felt unique in and of itself because all tracks and sounds have their own story to tell; It’s different than writing with a co-writer because the track itself is almost the co-writer.

Go ahead and dive in up top.

And if you haven’t yet, watch the video for her debut single, “Hush,” below.