Queen Natalie Imbruglia — yes, of “Torn fame — is releasing a new album in July called Male.

It’s a record of covers of all male songs, which isn’t entirely what you might WANT to hear from the White Lillies Island chanteuse, but don’t let that upset you too much. If the lead single and video from the LP is any indication, this album’s still going to be many shades of brilliant.

Natalie is kicking off the collection with her lovely cover of Daft Punk‘s dreamy Random Access Memories song “Instant Crush.” The video’s just dropped today, and frankly, I’m feeling like my personal privacy has been invaded, because this is quite eerily a spot-on depiction of myself having dinner with bae.

The Aussie goddess plays the part of a Mad Men-esque retro housewife, sitting down for a nice home cooked dinner while dramatically crooning the tune to her husband. Oh, and also her husband’s…a doll. Like, a RealDoll. Or a mannequin. Did I forget to mention that part? He’s not real. (Shh, please don’t tell her that.)

It’s almost like a female response to Lars And The Real Girl. Also, Natalie looks absolutely gorgeous. And so does her husband! Nothing weird about this situation! Everything’s perfectly normal and fine.

‘Male’ will be released on July 21. (iTunes)