At this point, we should all be well aware of the fact that no musical comeback is more crucial than that of Queen JoJo.

Except for Queen Janet.

But aside from Miss Jackson, it’s all about The Return Of Jo.

Any mere morsel of new music that might somehow drop down from the pearly gates and bless our ears at this point deserves to be cherished and savored. And tonight, we celebrate with a new song called “Far From Heaven.”

I heard an echo in your heart,” Jo soulfully coos at the start of the piano-led song, which quickly transforms into an spirit-shaking power ballad. This one’s all about that voice — there’s barely any production here, really — proving once again that she is a vocal powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Just wait until she really lets loose: “So FAR from heaven…with NOwhere to run!” Chills.

Literally an angel sent from above.

Everyone’s on her case about kicking off that long-awaited emancipation album on Atlantic, but I say stay on your grind in the studio until you feel you’ve got it right, Jo. We’re all ready when you are.