You know how it goes: You’re chillin’ with your BFF (you’re chillin’, you’re chillin’), marathoning Inside Amy Schumer in matching Snuggies and getting super turnt up and 2 On when you’re unexpectedly struck with a thought: Bestie’s looking mighty fine tonight, no? Like, really good. Did they always do their hair like that? And those lips, too. So luscious. Damn. Bet they’re a good kisser, huh? Should we play Truth Or Dare or something? 

Wait a minute. Do you want to fuck your best friend?

Sizzy Rocket knows the feeling, which is why she’s crafted a most essential soundtrack for your forbidden fornication daydream: “Bestie,” a hard-edged of smut-pop at its finest.

Produced by the Scissor Sisters’ own Babydaddy, the electro ode to BFF-on-BFF ugly-bumping mixes carnal lust, sexual ambiguity and shock value above stabbing synths, like Peaches meets …But I’m A Cheerleader — or a way more uninhibited version of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.”

I want to fuck, fuck, fuck my best friend…I wanna fuck you.” 

From that deadpan delivery (“We. get. wild.“) to the hilariously blunt lyricism (“She wants me to be big spoon now…oh, yeah”), “Bestie” does cheeky just right without diving into ‘ironic’,too-cool-for-this-pop-shtick territory. And, to quote Tay Tay Swift, the beat is seriously sick.

The singer spoke to PAPER about the song, the subject of the male gaze and gender politics. She also discussed the thought process behind “Bestie” — y’know, beyond just wanting to get your rocks off:

Pop music has a reputation for being very safe and I wanted to see how far I could push it, like, writing a hook completely composed out of the word “fuck.” I want to make sure that I’m always bringing something to the pop conversation, whether it’s exploitative or cynical or racy. I’m inspired by shock and camp, which I think pop artists usually stray from. The goal is to startle you, and turn you on, and make you uncomfortable so you can learn something about yourself from your reaction. Underneath that layer of sweetness and accessibility there is definitely something darker, violent even — with “Bestie” it’s about sexual identity, reaction and how I’m supposed to behave as a pop star. 

And as for that porny 80’s aerobics video? Between Bonnie McKee‘s “Bombastic” and this, the impact of Heidi Montag‘s “Overdosin'” video has never been more strongly felt. Get those buns moving, y’all!

“Bestie” was released on May 19. (iTunes)