Britney Spears Glory Album 9

Glory /ˈɡlôrē/


1. high renown or honor won by notable achievements.

2. magnificence; great beauty.


1. take great pride or pleasure in.

Oh, I’m sorry. Did she keep you waiting?

Following the release of her Most Personal Contemporary Christian Experimental Electronica Mixtape To Date in 2013, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears returns in just three weeks with her long-awaited, Brazil-demanded ninth studio album, Glory, due out on August 26

The album title is entirely fitting when you think about it, considering it’s (1) the number one favorite kind of pleasure-providing hole frequented by her most devoted fans, second only to the Piece Of Me pits, (2) a perfect word to use within an inspirational Instagram meme and (3) the very definition of Godney herself.

It’s good that she’s self-aware now.

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The album cover is…uh, well: if you enjoyed the super close-up Femme Fatale album cover, and also the close-up and #Personal Britney Jean cover and thought to yourself “I just want MOAH, but go heavy on the fade — and throw in a choker and some wonky font,” you’re in luck. It’s fine. At least we have the “Make Me” single art. And, let’s be 100 underline emoji: we haven’t seen an incredible album cover from her in well over a decade. Remember when the “Gimme More” single cover was recycled for Blackout? It’s what on the inside (out) that counts.

Glory is available for pre-order at midnight tonight (August 4) via Apple Music. Along with the pre-order, the New Queen of Soul is also releasing the song singlehandedly set to reignite the doo-wop revival worldwide, “Private Show,” as an instant grat.

Be good. Be grateful. Be glorious. Together, with BJ, we will experience the Glory hole.


Britney Spears Prayer Hands GIF