“I’m In It With You”: Loreen Comes Through To Save The Day

Loreen does it yet again with a hugely emotional hero ballad.

Loreen, pronounced here at MuuMuse as Lor-QUEEN, doesn’t make bad music. She simply can’t do it! It’s not something she’s capable of producing. She sucks at sucking. Oh, well!

The powerhouse Swedish singer’s 2012 debut record Heal remains one of the strongest debut pop records in recent memory. Be it crushing, moody balladry (“Everytime”) or a pop surger like her Eurovision smash “Euphoria,” Loreen’s greatest asset is her incredible ability to emote. While the production on her songs always errs on the side of big drama, it’s that distinct, deeply emotional vocal delivery that truly makes each Loreen song feel — to use a word beaten to death by the Internet (yet appropriate here!) — quite epic.

She’s only continued to climb higher (like a paper light, if you will) in the time since, and this latest single is no exception.

“I’m In It With You” is an almighty, chill-inducing hero ballad, in which Loreen pledges to stick it out ’til the bitter end with you, “Umbrella” style. (Not that it sounds like “Umbrella,” nor is there any mention of rain, but the sentiment is the same.) And, boy, it sounds like “you” are really going through it, with mention of bleeding and sharp blades aplenty.

“What were you thinking? Why didn’t I know when I was right there with you?” she pleads, sounding both deeply frustrated and concerned, just before the song hits its magnificent, cinematic chorus.

“If you ever fall, I’d lift you up / If you lose your way, I’ll pave you one / And I’m in it with you…”

With a voice so completely enveloping and soothing, her pledge to save us even in our darkest moments feels truly believable. Trust in Loreen. Always.

And then watch this, just because everyone needs to experience the joy of Loreen fiercely serving with Kazaky time and time again…

“I’m In It With You” was released on August 14. (iTunes)

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