Victoria Monet Kehlani Touch Me

“Touch Me”: Victoria Monét & Kehlani’s Bisexual Banger

The former lovers get their freak on once again.

Victoria Monét‘s Jaguar is one of the year’s sexy R&B highlights, especially the shimmering disco escape “Experience” with Khalid and SG Lewis, one of the surefire Songs of Summer ’20, which deserved way, way more love from the general public.

On Thursday (October 8), Victoria decided to put a very personal spin on one of the record’s slinkiest offerings, “Touch Me,” said to be about a previous entanglement with Kehlani, with a remix featuring…Kehlani.

The Janet Jackson-esque sweetly-sung smooth groove was already well-suited in its original form for the sex playlist, but now, with the added tension of Kehlani’s own highly explicit input, the song becomes even more of a certified boudoir banger – or, rather, a backseat bisexual banger.

I’ll stop rockin’ nails for you / I’ll park the Porsche and drop the top / You drop your dress, I’ll take the stress away from you,” Kehlani pledges.

You’re beggin’ me to make a move / I’m beggin’ for a sip of juice.

The original track didn’t shy away from being about a same-sex romance, either: “‘Touch Me’ is one of the only songs where you can hear me sing a different pronoun. I say ‘girl,’ I say ‘her.’ It was really important for me to share that and make that statement so that people…I don’t think that we get a lot of songs that are directly saying that, especially in a sexual way. I think it’s important for music to have that. A lot of times we can make songs applicable to us, but they’re not directly being like, ‘This is about a woman.’ It was a nice element to add, and based on a true story. People who have been around for a minute will pick up on that,” she explained to Apple Music.

“This song is a very personal one. As artists, it’s special when we let the music document the details of real experiences and that’s what ‘Touch Me’ does. I think it’s beautiful for so many reasons and I hope people can find their own reasons with every listen,” she went on to explain of the remix.

It gets real intimate in the bridge. (“you sound good,” Kehlani offers at one point), to the point where it feels like we’re fully intruding on something: “When I get drunk I still call you Monét / Yeah, you still got it your way / Love when I call out your name,” she purrs. (“Drunk when I call you Monét,” she previously sang on her own previously released song about Victoria, “Hate the Club.”)

You know I love when you call me Monét / But the way you make me rain gon’ make me wanna change names,” Victoria coos right back. Ladies!

“It feels so nice to finally have music WITH you and not just about you lmao thank you for being all that you are,” Victoria tweeted to Kehlani upon the song’s release, further fueling the track’s already spicy backstory.

The result is a very sexy, very real aural romp that perfectly captures the pair’s clearly hot-as-hell chemistry.

Jaguar is the first in a series of projects coming that will round out Victoria Monét’s new album dropping in 2021. Kehlani’s It Was Good Until It Wasn’t is available in clear vinyl.

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Photo credit: Dana Trippe / @Kehlani

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