Lana Del Rey likes you a lot, boy.

So much so, she’s going to sit right down here in her favorite lounge chair, dressed in her favorite loungewear, sipping a drink with a tiny umbrella while you and the fellas play some basketball and do your fancy skate tricks. (You’ll stay shirtless, preferably.)

When things start heating up, she’ll probably go for a flower-filled dip with a gaggle of Virgin Suicides-esque galpals — but don’t worry, she’s still got her eye on you, boy.

“Music To Watch Boys To” is a shadowy, intoxicating ode to boy-watching — sort of like a grown-up “This Is What Makes Us Girls.” It’s a Honeymoon highlight, for sure. And this video? It’s pretty great, too.

There isn’t so much a plot as there is a general mood (and some great headphones), so instead…

Random Important Lana Thoughts (RILTs):

– Flower Headphones are the new Flower Crowns. All those Coachella girls are about to get into it next year. Mark my words.

– Those spinning gramophones! Don’t know what to say about them. But they’re important!

– Every time Lana Del Rey smiles, an angel gets its wings…and then gets fucked hard.


– Like Kesha, Miley and Marina And The Diamonds before her, Lana Del Rey has officially joined the pop ranks as a receiver of the Glitter Facial. What a gem! (Um, do you think you’ll buy me lots of diamonds?)

– The thirst is real. See, daddy?


– Did you catch that boy with the “West Coast” tattoo at 3:17? The legacy of Ultraviolence lives on.

– More than half of this video is clearly a nod to Britney‘s “Pretty Girls” poolside moment, proving yet again that these two Spearitual sisters need to get together in person already — perhaps at Chateau Marmont — and have an evening of poetry reading, jazz singing, dancing and boy watching.


– We officially have a new contender in the Air Guitar World Championships — and she will shred, shimmy and sigh her way to victory for the USA.

Lana GIF Music To Watch Boys To

I love you, you strange and spectacular woman.

Now, go grab your passport and some soft ice cream and give us some “Salvatore.”