Lana Del Rey, Relatable Jazz Singer, Plays Music and Watches Boys Like The Rest Of Us

She lives to love you and she loves to love you, boy.

Lana Del Rey likes you a lot, boy.

So much so, she’s going to sit right down here in her favorite lounge chair, dressed in her favorite loungewear, sipping a drink with a tiny umbrella while you and the fellas play some basketball and do your fancy skate tricks. (You’ll stay shirtless, preferably.)

When things start heating up, she’ll probably go for a flower-filled dip with a gaggle of Virgin Suicides-esque galpals — but don’t worry, she’s still got her eye on you, boy.

“Music To Watch Boys To” is a shadowy, intoxicating ode to boy-watching — sort of like a grown-up “This Is What Makes Us Girls.” It’s a Honeymoon highlight, for sure. And this video? It’s pretty great, too.

There isn’t so much a plot as there is a general mood (and some great headphones), so instead…

Random Important Lana Thoughts (RILTs):

– Flower Headphones are the new Flower Crowns. All those Coachella girls are about to get into it next year. Mark my words.

– Those spinning gramophones! Don’t know what to say about them. But they’re important!

– Every time Lana Del Rey smiles, an angel gets its wings…and then gets fucked hard.


– Like Kesha, Miley and Marina And The Diamonds before her, Lana Del Rey has officially joined the pop ranks as a receiver of the Glitter Facial. What a gem! (Um, do you think you’ll buy me lots of diamonds?)

– The thirst is real. See, daddy?


– Did you catch that boy with the “West Coast” tattoo at 3:17? The legacy of Ultraviolence lives on.

– More than half of this video is clearly a nod to Britney‘s “Pretty Girls” poolside moment, proving yet again that these two Spearitual sisters need to get together in person already — perhaps at Chateau Marmont — and have an evening of poetry reading, jazz singing, dancing and boy watching.


– We officially have a new contender in the Air Guitar World Championships — and she will shred, shimmy and sigh her way to victory for the USA.

Lana GIF Music To Watch Boys To

I love you, you strange and spectacular woman.

Now, go grab your passport and some soft ice cream and give us some “Salvatore.”

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