Robyn’s ‘Ever Again’ Video Is a Triumph

You’ll never look at a mic stand the same way ever again.

Want to know how to tell if someone’s a real star? Give them a mic stand and see what they do with it…or to it, for that matter.

Queen of Swede-Pop™ Robyn‘s signature video style is, for the most part, an intensely intimate, tightly choreographed affair. What comes to mind first? Her one-take, back flip-to-floor-thrust dance routine for “Call Your Girlfriend,” probably? Or maybe the air punches in “Dancing On My Own”?

In keeping with tradition, the Colin Solal Cardo-directed, Maria “Decida” Wahlberg-choreographed music video for “Ever Again” isn’t some massive, glossy pop production either.

Granted, she’s got some cool Greek artifacts lying around in the sand with her in the – uh, somewhere?

“A dreamy place, somewhere undefined, somewhere in my unconsciousness,” she explains. Works for me! But really, it all comes down to one talented woman, a custom-crafted (and, clearly, easily removable) Louis Vuitton ensemble made by Nicolas Ghesquière, and a mic stand unknowingly in for the ride of its life.

Echoing the resilience of the Honey closer, which may prove to be a lowkey Robyn classic in due time (it’s only gotten better, somehow?), the Swedish superstar thrashes, twirls, gyrates and humps her way through the triumphant post-breakup anthem, channeling the track’s emotion into a powerful, sexually charged energy. She mounts herself on that mic stand and throws it ’round in every which way possible, supplying all of the Prince vibes in this ecstatic process. (Amid the on-set staff shout-outs, she thanked the late icon on Instagram.) That final, cathartic overheard twirl!

It’s a bold and striking look – both literally, in the sense that she’s showing way more of herself than ever before in a music video (and looks damn good doing so) – and also artistically speaking. No special effects or camera trickery needed: this is, quite simply, what a real entertainer looks like.

We are lucky to have Robyn. And this fierce new single mix of “Ever Again,” too! Listen to it on the MuuTunes playlists.

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