Leona Lewis is looking — no fats, no Avicii. (Sorry, just a preference!)

Following in the footsteps of fellow LGBTQ warrior and gay icon Madonna, who bravely and #unapologetically blazed her trail directly into the #masc4same world of Grindr to promote Rebel Heart (and tear up some twinks), the “Outta My Head” English songbird is promoting her new album on the hook-up — sorry, NETWORKING app — with a very special deal.

In between seeking NSA discreet fun with headless torsos, Grindr users can now purchase Leona’s new record, I Am, for just $3.99 thanks to special #GRINDR pricing.

Think about it: “Fire Under My Feet” while sitting on a D! What a giving and thoughtful queen.

While we’re on the subject, you can have a listen to I Am below, which was released last week. It’s mostly all about her very #ontrend Tropical House banga “Another Love Song,” but “Ladders,” “I Am” and “The Essence Of Me” are great, too.

The album’s no Glassheart (so sorely underrated), but Leona still knows how to lay down the pipe(s).

And who doesn’t like a nice, big ol’…vocal range?

Leona Lewis Funny GIF

‘I Am’ was released on September 11. (iTunes) IP checker