“Labyrinth”: Annie, Queen of Norway, Now Trapped on Dance Floor in Germany

The “Chewing Gum” electro-pop Norwegian princess returns to us, this time in collaboration with German dance duo, Tuff City Kids.

Yes, I know — Glory saved pop music. It’s almost exclusively all I’ve been listening to for days on end. (I’m still nursing a hangover from my third Glory release party in less than a week, to be honest.)

My #1 aside, there’s another princess, of the Norwegian variety, who deserves our Luv.

Hey, Annie.

The Elusive Chewinggumeuse might pop up less frequently on our radar (on our ray-duh) than the days of Anniemal and Don’t Stop, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the music’s gone downhill. Actually, Annie has quite literally never let us down. The A&R EP? Last year’s Endless Vacation EP? Breathtaking. Consistent. All of it.

Out of nowhere, Annie’s returned yet again — this time as a feature on German dance duo Tuff City Kids’ (Gerd Janson & Phillip Lauer) first-ever vocal track “Labyrinth.” And true to form, she’s serving dreamy, timeless dance floor extravaganza.

Speaking of Scandinavian royalty, the new track actually syncs perfectly with Robyn and her current remix-minded state of being this year. In fact, “Labyrinth” is a perfect addition to that “Dancing On My Own” playlist of yours. #SadDisco alert!

Here we go again / I’m running right into your labyrinth / Now I can’t find my way out,” she hopelessly declares along the deep disco pulsations.

“ALRIGHT…I hooked up with the coolest guys from Germany,Tuff City Kids…and we did a track together. It´s called ´Labyrinth´…I guess it´s a bit of a sad lovesong,but different than the rest. Check check it out ;-) <3” Annie explained on Facebook earlier this week. 

If you’d like to dive even deeper onto the dance floor with Annie, there are some official remixes on the way in vinyl form by Morgan Geist and DJ Oyster.

Keep on running any which way you can, Annie — and don’t stop. (See what I did there?)

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