Look, let’s be honest: everything J Balvin touches turns to flame emojis.

The 32-year-old Colombian reggaeton superstar – much like my longterm boyfriend, Maluma – continues to deliver the goods, time and time again. From Energía, including my DJ set staple “Ginza,” “Bobo” and, of course, nude-sending anthem “Snapchat,” to “Mi Gente” with Willy William – which was so good, Beyonce decided to jump on to have her own “Despacito” moment – to collaborations with Brazilian bombshell Anitta on “Downtown” and “Machika,” this is a man who knows his way around a tune. Every damn time.

“Ahora” dropped out of nowhere at midnight on Monday (February 26), and it’s his first feature-free offering in a minute. And once again, he’s done it. That beat. That sexy delivery. Is it any wonder no one cares about pop being crafted in North America anymore? Finally.

As for the music video: while they’re surely just meant to be bros, I’ve decided that the dude who introduces Balvin to the beauty on the dance floor and fails to maintain his attention is actually hopelessly in love with Balvin, who’s head-over-heels for the girl. But then, Balvin’s left solo. And in the end, no one gets what they want. A tragedy!

It’s just like the bridge of RuPaul‘s “Modern Love,” as everything always comes back to Mother Ru: “I found myself in situations / Where I was chasing someone who was chasing someone else / And that someone else actually, had their eyes on a completely different person / And it’s…really sad.”

Look, I’m feeling slightly feverish, so I might have lost the plot somewhere. Anyway, we love us a Balvin bop. Leggo!

“Ahora” was released on February 26. (iTunes)

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