Britney Spears, Live Vocalist, Ends Media With a Rant — And a Live Cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About”

Britney went in on the media out of nowhere during ‘Piece Of Me’ — and decided to give “you motherfuckers something to talk about.”

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears, a live singer who finds it really funny that a lot of people think that she doesn’t sing live, has snapped.


This evening (Aug. 19), during her long-running Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas (which is officially coming to a close at the end of 2017), the “Rebellion-snippet.mp3” powerhouse performer suddenly went off-script, majorly, in the form of a rant against the fair-weathered fucks in the press — followed by a full, impromptu live cover of Bonnie Raitt‘s 1991 hit, “Something to Talk About.”

Some context: following a highly publicized Israeli interview, in which the singer angrily defended herself as a live singer who uses “a little bit of playback,” B-Girl took a moment in concert in Singapore earlier this summer to sing a soulful, a cappella rendition of “Happy Birthday” to formally silence the critics. It seems, however, that she’s far from done Hitting Back at The Haters™.

Midway through tonight’s show, Britney grabbed a microphone — like, in her hand and not her headset — and proceeded to vent to the crowd.

“Honestly, without the music and just the mic, it kind of feels illegal. It’s quiet right now. It feels kind of illegal doing this with this mic in my hand right now. It feels so weird,” she sarcastically sassed, spinning around.

“I been doing a lot of thinking lately. This morning, I woke up. I looked at the news, lots of things going on in the world and stuff,” Wokeney went on to explain, indirectly skewering Donald Trump’s failing presidency before pivoting to something more personal.

“You know what? The press and the media, my whole life — it’s really crazy because one minute they tear you down. It’s really horrible. And then the next minute you’re on top of the world. I’ve never really spoke about it, you know?” she said, temporarily forgetting the fact that not only does she have an entire song on that subject which she performs nightly, but it’s also the namesake of her show. But anyway!

B only went in harder on the press by channeling her inner Southern girl, 2010 Twitter style.

“I’m a Southern girl. I’m from Louisiana. I’m from the South and I like to keep it real,” she announced before another twirl back down the catwalk. “So, I just wanna make sure I keep having [giving?] you motherfuckers something to talk about.”

And thus began Piece Of Me‘s most rebellious live moment to date, nearly four years into the show’s run: a live Bonnie Raitt cover.

The Undisputed Princess of Pop dug deep into her early era vocals, serving Spearitual runs and full-bodied belts as she crooned the musical middle finger to the crowd.

The press? Canceled. The performer? A live vocalist. Any other questions, you motherfuckers?

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