The world at large is working itself into a tizzy while preparing for the solar eclipse this afternoon (Aug. 21), a massively overhyped event which will lead to burnt retinas aplenty and a “staggering amount” of lost productivity.

Consider, for a moment, enriching your lives with Kim Lip‘s endlessly superior “Eclipse” instead.

Who is Kim Lip, and why is her name so good? Glad you asked.

Kim Lip is one-twelfth of the still yet-to-debut South Korean troupe LOONA (or LOONΔ) a unique girl group project in which each member is being individually revealed monthly in the form of a digital solo single.

Kim Lip was May’s girl of the month, and her song “Eclipse” — produced by Daniel Obi Klein of Danish songwriting team Deekay (of Sugababes‘ “Change” and Red Velvet‘s “Automatic” fame!) — is a dreamy, endlessly replay-friendly serving of synth-y R&B goodness.

The choreography-filled, red-hued music video for “Eclipse” is just as great as the hypnotic track, as Queen Lip sexily sways her way though the track alongside her dancers. Plus, this video doesn’t come coupled with the chance of going blind. The sun wishes.

So before considering a long, hard and damaging glimpse at the fiery star in the sky, consider being an intelligent person and giving all of your attention to a true star, Miss Kim Lip, instead.

Thank you for your time.

“Eclipse” was released on May 23. (Apple Music / Spotify)