‘Will I See You’: Anitta’s Debut English Single Showcases the Brazilian Bombshell’s Softer Side

Anitta takes an angelic first step into the English market.

Brazilian superstar Anitta, who is currently on track to take over the world with her voice, her dance moves and her bunda (?), just made a massive next step in her cross-cultural conquest: her very first English language single.

And surprisingly enough, it’s quite…calm.

“Will I See You” is Anitta’s debut offering in English, crafted alongside Justin Bieber‘s Purpose producer, Poo Bear.

As opposed to the speaker-shaking, dance floor-dominating sound of the bulk of her discography, the sparse, guitar-led tune showcases Anitta’s sweeter side atop the song’s gentle melodies. (“Sua Cara,” this is not.)

When it’s all said and done, will I see you? / Now that my love is on / All the way on you, I won’t turn it off / Would you do the same?” the “Paradinha” funk-pop princess coos.

The airy accompanying music video is like a Victoria’s Secret Angel campaign shot in Heaven, complete with endless glamour shots of the singer — and even a few eye-popping nude moments, as the song’s lyrics flash across that famous rump. (Writing’s On The Bumbum.)

While plenty of fans were likely hoping for the “Sim ou Não” sensation to come through with a killer club cut, it’s always good for a pop star to showcase some versatility. She sounds great — and she can’t always be twerking right in your face, right? (No doubt, the bangers are on their way.)

Also, Queen Gretchen approves, so any criticism is hereby dismissed.

“Will I See You” is said to be the first taste of Anitta’s mysterious #CheckMate project, which she’s been teasing on her Instagram over the past few weeks. (In fact, there are even Anitta chess pieces popping up around Brazil.)

Are you ready to play?

“Will I See You” was released on September 3.

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